I Need A Website For My Small Business

I need a website for my small business. Where Do I Start?

The short answer is right here…

OK, so how does it work, what will Lymm Hosting do for me?

If you plan to purchase / register your own domain name (website name) you should do this before you purchase your website package as we will need to know your domain name when we set up your website.

If you have registered your own domain name and you want to use for your new website we will provide you with the names of our nameservers so that you can point your domain name to our server. Once your domain name resolves to our server we can crack on with the installation and setup of your website.

Alternatively we will create you a subdomain at Lymm Hosting for example YourBusinessName.LymmHosting.co.uk

You will need to provide us with the content (text and images) for your website. Please check our image guidelines.

OK now you should be ready to buy your website package, however, if you still have questions before you buy please use our contact page to get in touch.

Next, we will:

  • Add your domain name to our server or create you a subdomain.
  • Add an SSL certificate to your website.
  • Install and setup WordPress.
  • Install WordPress plugins for:
  • Create web pages with the content provided by you:
    • Home page
    • Product page
    • Testimonial page
    • Contact page
    • Blog / News page
  • Schedule daily backups.

If you still have a question please use our contact page to get in touch.

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