Registering A Domain Name

Registering A Domain Name

Q. Is registering a domain name important?
A. Yes and no.

By default the websites we create at Lymm Hosting have an address of for example and that’s fine and it works. This is known as a subdomain of
Q. How much will it cost me to have a subdomain address at Lymm Hosting?
A. Nothing. We will throw it in free of charge.

If however you wish to register your own domain name, for example: then we can use this when we create your website.

Registering your own domain name is not absolutely necessary, but it does look nicer, it’s easier for your customers to remember and pass on to others and it is better for search engines like Google.

It costs money to register a domain and there is an annual renewal fee. Some domain names can be purchased for less than £5 and often discounts are available for choosing a registration period of longer than 1 year. If you don’t pay the renewal fee in time the domain name registration will expire and your website will stop working. Worse still someone else could the register that name.

Things to consider when choosing a domain name:

  • Short is sweet – The shorter it is the easier it is for people to remember and the less chance it will be miss typed / spelt.
  • Avoid using numbers, underscores, other special characters including hyphens, however if you have to split up the words then use hyphens. For example:
  • Avoid using words that people might find hard to spell.

Q. So how do I buy a domain name ?
A. Have a quick Google and you will soon see there are many domain registrars available.

We have used GetDotted for many years (no affiliation) and have always been more than happy with there prices, and when necessary their help and support.

Create your free account at your chosen registrar. Search for the domain name you want, for example barrythebuilder. You will be shown a list of domain extensions (, com, net… etc) for that name. Choose one of the available domains and add it to your cart.

During the purchasing process you will be asked for your details and payment method.

Once you have registered your domain name with your chosen domain registrar your new domain name will he hosted by them and will need to be “pointed” at our nameservers. This is done from your client control panel on the registrars website. You need to update the “DNS servers” to point at Lymm Hosting nameservers. We will advise you of the names of our nameservers. If you need help doing this, just ask your registrar.

After registering your domain name (or making changes to it like changing the DNS Server settings) it can anywhere from 1 to 48 hours to become fully active. As frustrating as that is just be patient.

Why not start the ball rolling on a great value new website to support your business, by visiting our shop or using our contact page to send us a message.

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